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X-keys® XK-24 RS-232 and Virtual COM Keypad

X-keys XK-24

X-keys XK-24 X-keys XK-24 X-keys XK-24 side view bottom view back view back view back view


24 dedicated keys in a compact footprint with serial or USB connection to computer. Replace legacy serial keypads sending ASCII to a COM port.

*This item has a lead time of five to ten working days. We will make every reasonable effort to prepare and ship your order as soon as possible. Your credit card will not be charged before we ship.

XK-298-232-R  XK-24 TruCom   
XK-299-VCM-SO  XK-24 Virtual Com  
video video video video video video

X-keys XK-24
  • 24 relegendable keys
  • Suitable for handheld, desktop, or mounted use
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key

The XK-24 offers twenty-four programmable keys to trigger macros, shortcuts, and applications, select tools or open files or directories.

With a co-injected case equally suitable for handheld or desktop applications, the XK-24 provides a versatile control box for any computer driven application.

Use key blockers and tall or wide keycaps to instantly customize the XK-24 for your specific requirements.

Detachable feet give the XK-24 a slight angle to make the key legends easier to read.

XK-24 in landscape orientation

Repositioning keys and feet allow the XK-24 to assume a "landscape" orientation with four rows and six columns.

X-keys XK-24 Specifications
Operating System
Windows XP through 10 for programming; any system that supports RS-232 for use
Switch Type
Full travel rubber dome, carbon on gold contacts, rated for more than 1 million operations
Number of Keys
24 single keys + programming button
Actuation Force
Approx. 2.5 oz (72g) break-over, approx. 1.5 oz (42g) hold
Key Cap Type
Relegendable with Cherry MX compatible stem
Keycap Size
0.625” (16mm) sq.
Key Spacing
0.75" O.C.
Optional Keys
2x1, 1x2, 2x2
24 blue and 24 red LEDs, individually addressable
Wired USB 2.0 standard “A” plug (VCOM) or Serial connector (TruCom)
Cord Length
56” (1.42 m)
5.8” x 3.8” x 0.94” (147mm x 97mm x 24mm)
10 oz. (285 g)
USB type
Compatible with USB 1.1 through 2.0
Power Source
USB port, nominal voltage = 5 vdc (V com) Included 5VDC Power Supply (TruCom)
Current Draw
NO backlight: 18 mA , Blue backlight full: 38 mA, Red backlight full: 57 mA, All backlights: 75 mA
Temperature Range
-20 to 60 C
80% Rh non-condensing
Environmental Rating
IP 40, typical indoor office environment
FCC Class B | CE | RoHS | WEEE compliant

Dimensions of X-keys XK-24

X-keys TrueCOM and VCOM Software

This application will recognize and program both our XK-24 TrueCOM and our XK-24 VCOM.*

Operating Requirements:
  • Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  • MicroSoft .NET 2.0
TrueCOM RS-232 Serial and VCOM USB

X-keys TrueCOM devices are true RS-232 serial devices, sending ASCII codes over a standard 9 pin powered serial connection.

X-keys VCOM devices are virtual COM devices capable of sending ASCII messages to a virtual COM port via a USB connection.

TrueCOM/VCOM Quick Start

  1. Install the TrueCOM/VCOM programming Utility (see link above)
  2. Set up your COM port (Settings - Set Port).
  3. Click the visual representation of the keys on screen to program them.
  4. When done, click the "Write Macros" button (also available from the File menu).

*There are known compatibility issues when using X-keys Vcom with Win 8.1

Please consult the help file in the application for details. If you don't find the information you need in the help file, please contact us: tech@xkeys.com.

XK-24 Mounting Plate

4x6 Mounting Kit

Includes two brackets and Modular Hose™ connectors.

XK-A-4X6-BU   Add to Cart

4x6 Mounting Bracket Only

One mounting plate with screws to attach an X-keys.

XK-A-1258-4X6-R   Add to Cart

XK-24 RS-232 and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle

Bundle your X-keys XK-24 RS-232 with a mounting kit.

XK-0298-MK-BU   Add to Cart

Keycaps for X-keys

Keycaps and Key Blockers

Tall, wide, quad and colored keys for your X-keys. Transparent keys enhance backlighting.

Key Legends

Blank legend sheets and custom printed legends.

USB Extender

Extend your X-keys up to 150 feet via CAT 5 or equivalent network cable.


    Examples of X-keys layouts to run specific applications

  • Sketchup
  • MS Word
  • Adobe Illustrator