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Vital Stats - Sports Data Recording Software

X-keys for Real Time Sport Statistics Entry

Vital Stats custom XK-60 in position to tabulate an Aussie rules football match

"The X-keys completes our package with a reliable, professionally finished custom keyboard. It makes Vital Stats more user friendly and appealing."
- Rodney Woods, President

Vital Stats makes software for tabulating statistics in Australian Rules Football and Netball. They include a customized, pre-programmed as a dedicated input panel.

The pre-programmed X-keys in hardware mode works perfectly for the end user right out of the box with no extra software or setup requirements. The X-keys plugs in and it sends programmed keystrokes to Vital Stats just like a USB keyboard.

X-keys Pro with custom legends for Vital StatsX-keys Pro with custom legends for Vital Stats

Tabulating Statistics for Australian Rules Football

Designed for use by local football and sports clubs, Vital Stats provides a cost effective solution to coaches, assistants, and players. Vital Stats reports help them quantify player and team efficiency, strengths, and weaknesses.

The X-keys with custom key legends puts all the critical commands required on a dedicated control panel at the fingertips of the tabulator. Even when events happen in rapid succession the operator can stay with the action since they don't have to hunt for the right keys or functions on a standard keyboard.

The operator selects the event and enters the players jersey number. Vital Stats does the rest.

Test an X-keys Today

Our 30 day, no questions asked return policy lets you evaluate an risk free. If you are not impressed by its performance, return it for a full refund.

XK-0979-UBK60-R  XK-60, USB, 60 keys