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SAC - Software Audio Console

One Handed Audio Mixing

X-keys XK-24

"I can do 95% of the things I need during shows or practice using only the X-keys and while playing piano!"

- Tony Harvey, Head On Stamps

Technology in a Small Band

    Project Goals:
  • Sound good
  • Hear ourselves
  • Light and simple setup and tear down

Control Hardware

    Key Assignments:
  • Each vocal mic
  • Each instrument pickup
  • Monitor mixes
  • Volume adjustments
  • Previous and next selection

SAC Software

This robust and versatile software for audio mixing control developed by Bob Lentini of opens new realms of live sound mixing capabilities with virtual mixing technology. In this video and pictures from the SAC forum, Tony Harvey shares his custom rig with us and shows us how he uses and an to mix a live performance.

From Tony's Post on the SAWStudio / SAC User Forum

Tony Harvey's keyboard and mixing station

I have been using SAC for almost a year now and decided to 'commit' my rig to SAC over the winter as a project. I play keyboards in a band and also do sound/lights. The rack you see doubles as my keyboard stand and also puts all the inputs/outputs and wireless receivers/transmitters at a really convenient place on stage.

The little key device you see on the right of the piano is an . Using SAC F-keys and setting up the 24 key X-Keys to send the correct key strokes I can do 95% of the things I need during shows/practice using only the X-keys and while playing piano!

See the entire thread here:

X-keys XK-24 Layout

X-keys XK-24

The upper two rows of buttons on the XK-24 select microphone and input channels for members of the band and their instruments. I can instantly select an input and use the up and down volume keys to tweak their levels.

The buttons labeled "MIXER" put the mix that band member hears in my headphones. Then I can select an input and adjust the level with the volume keys. For example, if Corky asks for more bass in his mix, I select the "Corky MIXER" button, tap the "Bass" button, and hit the Volume + button until he's happy.

"FOH" stands for Front of House, so I can also hear and tweak what the audience is getting.

Using the advanced scripting features in MacroWorks 3, I programmed the backlighting LEDs on the X-keys to tell me what I have selected.

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XK-24-USB-R  Xkeys 24 key USB keyboard