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Flight Simulation

From simply adding an X-keys Desktop under the monitor to emulate an F-16 ICP, to using the X-keys Matrix board for all the switches in a full blown cockpit, these guys have taken advantage of X-keys versatility and reliability to move one step closer to virtual reality in their flight simulations.

New X-keys Matrix Review in Computer Pilot Magazine

X-keys Matrix Board in Computer Pilot Magazine Article

“The Matrix can be a daunting undertaking to an electronics beginner like I was. But it quickly turns into a fun adventure with big rewards at the end. It is great way to get a more useful and realistic cockpit. There is nothing like reaching for the switch instead of watching it being flipped on-screen. At only USD$59.99, I highly recommend it to any cockpit builder.” — Matt Edwards

Read Matt's full review here: 


Snake 122's Great X-keys Adventure

Matt's Simulator Matt F-16C Block 50/52 Simulator

"I first learned about the X-keys Matrix Board from Flareless.  I love my X-keys Matrix so much, that I wrote an article for the February 2006 issue of Computer Pilot Magazine on how others can use the X-keys Matrix Board to add switches to their own cockpits. It was a great adventure with big rewards at the end." --Matt “Snake122”Edwards


X-keys Review in PC Pilot

PC Pilot's review of the X-keys Pro

“The extent to which this enhances the feeling that you're controlling an aircraft, instead of operating a computer, is surprising; doing away with the mouse, in particular, makes a significant difference.” — Iain Dawson

Read Iain’s full review here: 

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Flareless insalled panel

“For someone with a limited hardware background, the X-Keys Matrix allowed me to add some powerful features to my cockpit quickly and easily. It's really a great product.” – Richard “Flareless” Sherkin

Thanks to Flareless for sharing these images from his custom cockpit.

The panel before installation The X-keys Matrix board mounted in Flareless project box

Flattop's custom cockpit features an inverted X-keys Pro.

DJ FrankFresh & his X-keys DJ FrankFresh & his X-keys

Thanks to Bruno "Flattop" Mainardi and Gèn. Jim "Spyder" Beattie for these pictures.

Visit their site: 

For more pictures of Flattop's amazing simulator, visit:on the Quebec Airforce site.

Maestro's X-keys ICP

Maestro with X-keys Desktop on the dash of his cockpit



“X-keys = life, no X-keys = death." -- Lance "Maestro" Scott 209th Delta Hawks






Bigfoot's X-keys Desktop

Bigfoot with X-keys Desktop for his ICP


"My small X-Keys unit is just the right size for my F-16 cockpit's ICP panel and is the one piece of equipment I never have to worry about. It just works flawlessly and was easy to setup". -- Troy “Bigfoot” Fisher, DCO, 209th Delta Hawks




Speaker's control panel triggers an X-keys Matrix Board

Speaker's custom dashboard


"There are 60 separate buttons on this front panel. I used the X-Keys keyboard Matrix controller and the buttons from an old IBM keyboard. " -- Michael "Speaker" Bradley


Crash Uses and X-keys Desktop for his ICP

Crash's Cockpit featuring the X-keys Desktop as his ICP

"We are using the 20 key PS/2 unit to simulate the ICP panel in FALCON 4.0. It fits well between the Masterpilot Quickshots that are being used as MFDs and functions well in the daisy chain with the MFDs, and CH Products or THRUSTMASTER HOTAS gear." -- Dan “Crash” Crenshaw

Froglips started with the X-keys desktop for his ICP

Frog Lip's basic cockpit with the X-keys Desktop as his ICP


"I was particularly interested in the 20 key device because of its compact size and remarkable resemblance to an F-16's ICP (Integrated Control Panel)." -- Kurt “Froglips” Giesselman