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KVM X-keys

KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches have recently seen resurgence in popularity as control hubs for loss prevention systems.  X-keys programmable keypads, sticks, and keyboards add a custom control panel to give the operator clearly labeled keys for each input and action.  Our new KVM firmware design completes a seamless connection between X-keys and most popular KVM designs.

These two custom layouts currently run loss prevention systems in two major food chain stores. X-keys XK-24 KVM

P.I. Engineering offers two paths for the system integrator. For a custom small scale solution (10 stations or fewer) an off the shelf X-keys KVM unit can be programmed on any PC with included software. For larger scale solutions (more than 10 stations) P. I. offers customization and pre-programming to give you a turnkey, plug and play solution.

This KVM X-keys line of products features the same rugged, reliable electronics as our standard X-keys. Over a hundred thousand X-keys devices assist technicians, engineers, and operators in labs, studios, and offices worldwide every day. The difference lies in the USB HID output from our KVM series. We have simplified the output to provide a feature set optimized for KVMs.

X-keys XK-24 KVM

Choose the layout and number of keys best suited to fit your requirements. We offer options from four to 128 keys with multiple mounting options for desk, hand held, rack mount, or wall.