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DJ Resources

From a simple transport control, to a fully functional cueing console, X-keys can make the live DJ and VJ look more professional and less like a computer jockey.

If you have an X-keys layout or a pictures to share with us, please contact us: info@xkeys.com

DJ 1800

DJ 1800 is A complete, self-contained professional DJ system for the Mac. supporting the X-keys Jog & Shuttle Professional. DJ 1800 maps the 46 keys and Jog & Shuttle control directly to functions in the software. They also offer a printable template for key legends on their web site: 

Rockit 2000 Pro DJ by SoftJock

SoftJock offers both the Macro Maker profile and the Legend file for a great layout on the X-keys Professional. Check them out here: 

"We have quite a few customers who use the X-keys with our DJ and Jukebox software."
-- Rick Cimorelli, SoftJock, Inc.

OtsAv DJ by OTS Labs

This template and these comments are taken from a posting by Jeff Main (AKA Jumpin’ Jeff). - Thanks, Jeff.

X-keys layout for OTSDJ

The top row is Global Stop, Play, and pause, followed by a continue directive, and next track keys. The second row is Auto DJ, Set cue Deck A, Set cue deck B Set recue as next, and windows find, with it's directory pointing to my music drive. The third and forth rows are royal blue, color coded for search window(search) and sort search window by Artist, or Title. The 6 remaining Dark blue keys are Live output configuration window, Output configuration, Scratch FX, EQ, Dynamics Processor, and work area buttons. Pressing any except the work area, will bring up the corresponding window. Pressing a second time closes that window. Search is the same. The work Area button cycles through the different view modes of full playlist, History, and Work area. —— Jumpin’ Jeff

X-keys Jog & Shuttle Pro for OTS Dj Jeff's DJ rig

To learn more about OtsAV DJ and download a free demo, visit the OTS Labs web site: 

Traktor DJ by Native Instruments

X-keys legend for Traktor

Mark Barrot of FutureLoop provides this X-keys Pro Layout for Native Instruments Traktor:

X-keys Jog & Shuttle Pro for OTS Dj

Thanks to Friedemann Becker for his help in supporting X-keys with Native Instruments Software.

Alcatech BPM - Studio

X-keys Pro Layour for Alcatech BPM Studio

Engelbert Busch () submitted this layout for Alacatech BPM-Studio. Thank you Engelbert.

Alcatech BPM - Studio

DJ FrankFresh & his X-keys DJ FrankFresh & his X-keys

DJ Frank Fresh from San Diego had this to say about the inclusion of an X-Keys Stick to his setup:

"X-Keys has played a vital role when it comes to my DJ setup. Along using Rane's Serato Scratch Live software, I have programmed simple hot keys into my performance. I have also modified the X-keys Stick by removing the buttons to enable faster que points right on the fly. "One time I forgot my X-Keys Stick and literally had to drive back an hour to go get it. Thanks PI Engineering"

FrankFresh Stick Configuration