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Rugged Computing

“Operational reliability in harsh environments is vital for our customers and for our design. The X-keys Encoder Board provided a reliable solution for adding programmable keys to our product.“ – Stefan Öhrman, Research and Development Manager, Aqeri AB

X-keys Encoder Board

Our X-keys USB Encoder Board provides the critical link between special feature buttons and the mother board on this “all-in-one” mobile PC from Aqeri.   The buttons provide options from selecting cameras and maps to checking the status of sensors on the vehicle and even targeting.


Designed for use in Army vehicles, The Aqeri 94100 can work just as well for Navy and Airforce applications assisting in planning and real-time battlefield decisions.  For over twenty years Aqeri has designed and built ruggedized computer equipment.  The 94100 is designed to operate reliably in:

  • Blowing sand and dust
  • Rain, snow, and ice
  • Severe vehicle vibration
  • Up to 40G shock
  • -20C to +55C (-4F to 131F)
  • 95% Humidity
  • Desert Solar Radiation
  • Electromagnetic Interference

For more information, visit: aqeri.com