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Audio Recording

Morgan Henry completes his professional recording studio with an X-keys XK-60 for Cubase.

Audio Recording

"With hundreds of functions in Cubase, the XK-60 reduces the number of complex key sequences I have to memorize. My X-keys puts those functions on clearly labeled, dedicated keys, one button press away."

-- Morgan Henry, Musician/Recording Engineer, Ashton Street Studio.

"I use the XK-60 in the latest incarnation of my in-home recording studio, here in Alexandria, Virginia. I've been recording since 1977, in my own studio for the last 11 years." Recently, Ashton Street Studio underwent a complete renovation, installing new walls, wiring, computer, software, and audio equipment. The studio is geared for recording singers, instrumentalists and speakers. "I do both music and spoken word recording," says Henry. "I have recorded demonstration CD's and mp3's, audio books, a cappella albums and even a yoga relaxation recording."

XK-60 Audio Recording Keys

"All but three keys in my XK-60 control functions in my Windows-based Cubase recording software. With one keystroke I can select menu options, change the display windows, turn on and off key functions, open different windows, create and delete items, even run a macro that runs five steps to duplicate and get ready a new track for recording."

The remaining three keys go outside Cubase to initialize related programs like a sound toolkit and a CD burner.

"I like the easy programmability of the XK-60. As I use the keypad and realize which functions would save me the most time to locate on a single key, I simply bring up the programming interface, type in the new function and instantly I have a new function assigned to an otherwise underutilized key."

Henry contacted P. I. Engineering Technical Support for advanced programming assistance. "They helpfully guided me through the process of programming keys to toggle a backlight from blue to red when I change the state of one of my recording parameters. X-keys support has been terrific."

Test an X-keys XK-60 Today

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XK-0979-UBK60-R  XK-60, USB, 60 keys