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X-keys® Parts Which Defy Categorization

broadcast keys

Broadcast Key Set

  • Clear acrylic printed keycaps
  • Pack includes: Numbers 1-8 on single clear keys with a red and green background, two wide clear keys with a gray and black background with "AUTO" and "TAKE" printed

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double-shot key

Pin Pad Key Set

  • Double-shot molded keycaps
  • Pack includes: Numbers 0-9 on single white keys, a red and green tall keycap with "Enter" and "Clear" printed, and a single blue keycap with "back" printed on it

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double-shot key keypad cover keypad cover keypad cover keypad cover

X-keys XK-24 Keypad Cover

  • A transparent cover to protect your XK-24 from the environment

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key puller

Key Puller

  • All X-keys include a key puller for removing keycaps. We offer this replacement key puller should you lose yours or feel the need for a backup.
  • Position the puller over the keycap, squeeze, and pull

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angled feet

Angled feet for XK Series X-keys

  • All X-keys include a pair of detachable angled feet. We offer this replacement pair should you lose yours or feel the need for a backup.

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key plungers

Key Plungers for XK Series X-keys

  • These plungers fit into the deck between the keycaps and rubber membrane contact on most XK-series X-keys. This is a replacement part for lost or broken key plungers. Not compatible with X-keys Sticks.
  • NOTE: replacing factory installed key blockers on an XK-60 with key plungers and caps will not add keys to the device as there are no functional electronics under the installed key blockers.

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Serrated Pliers for Key Plunger Removal

  • For pulling out key plungers on XK series X-keys.
  • Removing plungers before applying key blockers will make the blockers more secure.
  • Any small pliers with serrated jaws will work - we offer these for your convenience.
Instructions for Key Plunger Removal

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Replacement Key Lenses

  • Lost some key lenses? Here we offer a replacement package of ten single keycap lenses.
  • These lenses fit all X-keys single keycaps.
  • Sets of 10 lens for single key packs

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