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X-keys® Key Legends

Key Legends
X-keys XK-24 X-keys XK-24 X-keys XK-24 front with blue backlighting onp

Our stickless legend sheets nest into our key lenses and give your dedicated keys a professional finish.

  • Blank Legends Sheets
  • Custom Printed
  • Other Options Available

X-keys Stickless Legends

Stickless legends align themselves inside X-keys key lenses before you snap them on the key cap base. When you peel off the legends the adhesive remains on the backing sheet. All sheets are 8 1/2" wide and 5 1/2" high and come ten to a pack.

Legends peel off and nest under X-keys keycaps. Best suited for hand written legends on all models of X-keys. Not suited for printing on a computer.

Single Keys Blank Legend Sheet Set of 10
84 blank labels to a sheet

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Wide Keys Blank Legend Sheet Set of 10
36 blank labels to a sheet

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Tall Keys Blank Legend Sheet Set of 10
36 blank labels to a sheet

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Quad Keys Blank Legend Sheet Set of 10
18 blank labels to a sheet

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X-keys Pre-Printed Legends

A five pack of our pre-printed legend sheets, these are the same legends that are included in the box with every X-keys.

Printed Legend Sheet (5 pack)

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X-keys Custom Printed Legends

Three proven methods for labeling your dedicated keys. Our provided pre-printed or blank legends work well for initial testing and prototyping, but when you are ready to move from prototype to production, consider one of these legend or key sets to give the X-keys a professional finish.
P. I. Engineering provides full assembly, programing, private labeling, and testing for many O.E.M. clients. We would be happy to provide you with a finished plug and play solution. Please contact us for a quote.

P.I. Relegendable Keycaps

Acrylic Printed Keycaps

Molded Double-Shot Keycaps

relegendable keycaps relegendable key acrylic printed keycaps acrylic printed key double shot keycaps double shot key
ABS base with Q resin lens and printed legend ABS base with Acrylic Ink legend ABS base and molded legend
Flexible, easily updated legends printed on paper or light weight cardstock Durable monochrome text or icon The most durable monochrome text or icon
Transparent base
  • Clear
  • Blue*
  • Green*
  • Red*
  • Orange*
  • Purple*
  • Solid gray
  • Solid beige
*Single keys only
Solid color base in seven colors
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Solid color base
  • Hundreds of stock colors available
  • Custom color mix available with longer lead time
5-10 business day lead time 5-10 business day lead time 30-60 business day lead time
Excellent for initial prototyping and 1-10 piece projects Excellent for quick turn prototype or 10-50 piece projects Excellent for 50+ piece projects
$0.50 - $1.00 per key $0.75 - $1.00 per key $0.50 - $1.00 per key
Minimum Order
10 sets
Minimum Order
10 sets
Minimum Order
50 sets

X-keys Legend Templates

It is possible, though not really recommended, to print on the legend sheets with an inkjet printer and create your own custom legends. Feel free to use the template files below for this purpose and make a few test prints on plain paper to verify alignment before printing on the legend sheet.

Single Key 1139.AI

Single Key 1139.pdf

Wide Key 1141.AI

Wide Key 1141.pdf

Tall Key 1142.AI

Tall Key 1142.pdf

Quad Key 1143.AI

Quad Key 1143.pdf