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X-keys® Programmable Keypads, Sticks, & Keyboards

Create a custom controller for your application with just the right layout and keys positioned exactly where you want them. Perfect for giving your end user a limited set of clearly labeled controls.

  • Includes software for Windows or Mac OS X and SDK support for Linux and Android
  • Optional key blockers, tall, wide, and colored keys
  • Addressable backlighting
    X-keys Sticks: , , and
  • Perfect for media control
  • USB connection to computer
  • Low profile tactile switches with blue backlighting
    X-keys XKE-40
  • Perfect for server control or production truck installations.
  • Flexible layout with tall, wide, or 2x2 keycaps and blockers
  • Available in standard or rack mount version.
    X-keys XKR-32 Rack Mounted Keys
  • Perfect KVM control, video surveillance installations, or production trucks
  • Flexible layout with tall, wide, or 2x2 keycaps and blockers
  • Thirty-two fully programmable keys with USB connection
  • Perfect for CAD and Photoshop
  • 60 keys with USB connection to computer
  • Grouped keys for intuitive access
  • Instant control panel with a compact footprint
  • 80 keys with USB connection to computer
  • Perfect for video or audio control switching
  • Industrial duty extruded aluminum case
  • 128 keys with USB connection to computer
  • Built for professional applications
  • XK-16 Stick programmed with all F keys on two layers
  • Plug-and-play installation (no software or special drivers required)
  • Customized with cut legends.
  • Replaces legacy serial devices
  • 24 keys with RS-232 Serial connection to computer
  • Includes programming software
  • 20-58 user-reprogrammable keys
  • Includes programming software
  • Full support with P.I. Engineering SDK