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X-keys® Multiple Switch Configurations

Commercial Foot Switch Group
Commercial Switch Group Commercial Switch In Use Industrial Foot Switches

Our X-keys USB 12 Switch Interface can accept up to 12 switches activated by feet, hands, motion, light, temperatures – anything that produces a contact closure. Great for Assistive Technology applications

  • 6 dual switch ports (12 switches with optional splitter cords)
  • Mix multiple foot and hand activated switches
  • USB output to computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Emulates keyboard, mouse, game controller, or media controller
Commercial Foot Switch and Buttons

Combine multiple foot switches with heavy duty buttons, motion detectors or light sensors to send any command to a computer or mobile device.

For full product information on our USB 12 Switch Interface, .

Any switch can trigger an action on your computer. Any keyboard shortcut your software uses can have a designated switch (copy, paste, save, open, close). Switches are easily set up to launch applications, open files, or type short lines of text like names, addresses, and account numbers. Switches are connected via Assistive Technology standard 3.5mm (1/8”) phone plugs.

Commercial Foot Switches

XK-A-1241-SKC1BL-R  Commercial Foot Switch Black  
XK-A-1242-SKC1RD-R  Commercial Foot Switch Red  
XK-A-1243-SKC1GN-R  Commercial Foot Switch Green  
XK-A-1244-SKC1YL-R  Commercial Foot Switch Yellow  

Industrial Foot Switches

XK-A-1167-SJC1NG-R   Industrial Foot Switch (no guard)   


Orby Group

Orby™ Switch

  • 2.5" diameter (63mm)
  • Pressure activated with auditory click
  • Activation force: 3.5oz (100g)
  • Cord length: 60" (1.5m)
  • Available in blue, red, green, and yellow
  • Mounting: non-skid pad included plus base accepts two #6-32 machine screws

XK-A-1218-R  Orby Switch Red  

XK-A-1219-R  Orby Switch Yellow  

XK-A-1220-R  Orby Switch Blue  

XK-A-1221-R  Orby Switch Green  

Big Buddy

Plate Switch

  • 2" diameter (51mm) circle inside a 3.3" (85mm) plate
  • Pressure activated membrane
  • Activation force: 1.8z (50g)
  • Cord length: 59" (1.5m)
  • Includes blue, red, green, and yellow circles may be applied over orange circle
  • Mounting: stick on (not included)

XK-A-1013-R  Plate Switch  


XK-12 Switch Interface Bundle

Get the USB 12 Switch Interface bundled with our two most popular Red and Green Orby Buttons

XK-12SWIORB-BU   Add to Cart

Commercial Bundle

Get the USB 12 Switch Interface bundled with the black, red, green and yellow Commercial Foot Switches

XK-12-BRGY-BU   Add to Cart

No Guard Switch Bundle

Get the USB 12 Switch Interface bundled with the red and green Commercial Foot Switches

XK-12-RDGN-BU    Add to Cart

Get the USB 12 Switch Interface bundled with the yellow and black Commercial Foot Switches

XK-12-BKYL-BU    Add to Cart

No Guard Bundle

Get the USB 12 Switch Interface bundled with two Industrial Foot Switches with no guard

XK-12-NG2-BU    Add to Cart