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Real Time Event Triggering

Whether you are running a live multimedia event, logging sports statistics, or bidding on a semi-truck full of fresh carnations, clearly labeled dedicated keys make your life easier.

X-keys XKE-128 with ATEM

Live Event Control

Broken Centrifuge Productions setup our X-keys XKE-128 and uses a combination of Black Magic ATEM, Caspar CG, and Black Magic HyperDeck, with Just Macros by Visual Information Systems Ltd.

X-keys XK-60 for Vital Stats Aussie Rules Football program

Tabulating Sports Statistics

Vital Stats software uses our X-keys XK-60 as a dedicated control panel for logging sports statistics during live Aussie Rules Football games. The operator punches in the player's jersey number and event in real time. Vital stats keeps track of the events for each player and prints reports for the coach on demand.

X-keys XK-24

UFGCA Auction Bidding

integrated our X-keys XK-24 with their bidding software in the largest "Dutch Style" auction in North America.

Multimedia Event Control

Multimedia Event Control

High Resolution Engineering designed their Universal Device Controller around the X-keys XK-24, the XK-16 Stick, and a custom control panel we build just for them.

Their dedicated keys instantly trigger real time cues for audio, video, and lighting in multimedia presentations.

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