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Mission Critical Control Panels

Clearly labeled dedicated keys make efficient reliable triggers for mission critical control. Not all of our X-keys are running nuclear power plants or dispatching first responders, but your job may be just as important and when you hit one of our keys you can rely on its performance under pressure.

Foxboro's rugged annunciator control keyboard

Foxboro came to P. I. Engineering looking to update an obsolete control panel. Our engineering team and project managers handled every aspect of the project from initial electronic and mechanical design through production, quality control, packaging, and delivery.

If you need a mission critical control panel, we have the experience and resources to deliver it.

LGZ Slo-Mo Control Surface

When LGZ needed a custom USB control panel to run their slow motion replay system, they turned to our X-blox custom system and we helped them design a rugged reliable solution combining a T-bar, Jog & Shuttle control and dedicated keys with backlighting.

"In financial markets, speed is crucial in order to capitalize on profit opportunities. In order to be able to keep up with the markets, hotkeys are extremely useful in executing orders quickly and error-free. However, not only is it important to have hotkeys, but it is important for a trader to be able to keep his eyes on his monitors, while his hands navigate the keyboard." - Adam Sheldon

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