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Industries Using X-keys

Clearly labeled keys and switches make excellent accessible and reliable triggers for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few of the industries using X-keys in the man to machine interface.

Black Magic ATEM switching X-keys


Instantly programmable and customizable X-keys provide flexible control boxes in studios, production trucks, and editing suites world wide.

X-keys XK-24

Live Presentation and DJ Applications

Clearly labeled, dedicated keys allow an operator to keep control of a live event without clicking through multiple menus or searching for the right keyboard combination.

Carestream Mammography image on monitor

Medical Image Processing

Medical technicians processing thousands of images a day find X-keys an integral part of their workflow.

  • Mammogram processing
  • Image marking
  • Digital X-ray evaluation

3D Modeling and CAD

Having tools, view selections, and frequently used components literally at your fingertips maximizes workflow efficiency in every design program.

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