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Dedicated Control Panels

Clearly labeled dedicated keys make reliable triggers to maximize efficiency in any application.

"Imagine taking your most frequent and tedious tasks – operations normally requiring multiple clicks, opening menus, sub menus, and making selections - put each of those tasks on a clearly labeled key. One touch and done. Now you get the power of X-keys" - Blase Theodore

3D Modeling

Sketchup is known for intuitive controls and features but adding dedicated keys to switch views, select tools, and handle files takes the modeling process to a new layer of efficiency.

"For me, I’m shooting about 80,000 images per year and editing about 17,000. If the images that I edit take me 3minutes to edit each image, that math comes out to 106 eight hour days of doing nothing but editing. Assuming working 6 days per week, that’s almost 17 weeks of just editing. If I can cut that editing time in half, I just save 8.5 WEEKS of editing." -  Prem Mukherjee

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