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X-keys Macro Recorder

Programming Software for Windows 2000 or XP

Compatible with all X-keys USB legacy devices with SE firmware or earlier.  Check the label on the back of your X-keys device.  If it says “X-keys SE” or just “X-keys” it is compatible with Macro Recorder.  If it says “X-keys MWII” it requires our MacroWorks 3.1 Software or contact tech@xkeys.com for Hardware Mode programming options. 

Requires Windows 2000 or XP.  Not compatible with Windows Vista, 7 or newer. 

Download X-keys Macro Recorder here: Macro_Recorder.zip (4.2 MB)


  1. Please download and install X-keys Macro Recorder from the following link: http://piengineering.com/assets/FileDownloads/Macro_Recorder.zip
  2. Once the X-key Macro Recorder is installed please restart your computer.
  3. Once the computer has been restarted, put the X-keys programming switch into the programming position. ( Click on the following link for location of programming switch: ) You should get a "New Hardware Wizard". When the "New Hardware Wizard" appears click on "Install from a disk or a different location (Advanced)."

Uncheck the removable media check box and check the "Include this location" box like the picture below. Click on the "Browse" button and browse to Local Disk:\WINDOWS\system32.

Found New Hardware Wizard

Click on next.

If you get a screen that asks you to insert the X-keys installation disk,

Insert Disk

click on ok and in the next window click on browse,

Files Needed

and use the following path Local Disk:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers.

Locate File

When done click on "Finish."