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Tutorials for MacroWorks 3.1

Key Legends

This is a place for both advanced and basic tutorials.

The MW3.1 help files also offer instructions for programming both basic and advanced macros. Answers to most programming questions will be found in one or both of these sources. Please check them first. If you do not find the answers, please contact tech@piengineering.com

Video Tutorials

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  1. A Quick Tour of MacroWorks 3.1
  2. MacroWorks 3.1 Text Feature
  3. MacroWorks 3.1 Keystroke Feature
  4. MacroWorks 3.1 Shortcuts Feature
  5. MacroWorks 3.1 SPAM Killer Key

A Quick Tour of MacroWorks 3.1

Here we give you a quick look around with brief explanations of the major features in MW3.1.

MacroWorks 3.1 Text Feature

An in depth look at the Text feature including capturing Unicode characters and symbols. How to program keys with both text and Unicode symbols.

MacroWorks 3.1 Keystroke Feature

How to capture keystrokes including modifier keys. Explanation of the Automatic Separation of Up and Downstrokes option. How to program a custom Paint Bucket key for Sketchup.

MacroWorks 3.1 Shortcuts Feature

How to drag and drop shortcuts to keys. How to program a custom key login to a secure site

MacroWorks 3.1 SPAM Killer Key

How to program an X-keys key to tag SPAM in Outlook.