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X-keys Android App

X-keys Android Banner
  • Features touches, swipes, multimedia commands, and text input
  • Programming is stored in X-keys memory and travels with the X-keys
  • Allows X-keys to control any app
  • Program and edit on an Android device
  • Easily set up multiple identical X-keys

X-keys Android App reads and writes programming on X-keys Android units.  X-keys buttons and pedals can send keyboard commands, mouse actions, game controller controls, multimedia commands, and touches or swipes.

Get the X-keys Android App from Google Play here.

Download X-keys Android apk here.

Programming is stored in the X-keys on board memory and can easily be copied to multiple units. 

X-keys Android units currently include , , , , and ,.

Compatible with Android 3.2 or newer. Many Android devices require a USB A to USB Micro adapter.

Please note not all Android devices support USB input. Check with the manufacturer of your device.