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X-keys® ControllerMate

Key Legends

X-keys Programming Software for Mac OS X

Download ControllerMate for X-keys by OrderedBytes


  • Mac OS X support for all X-keys USB devices
  • Free download
  • Now included on X-keys installation discs

    System Requirements

  • ContollerMate for X-keys v4.5 requires a PowerPC or Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer.

Upgrading to Full Version of ControllerMate

The full version of ControllerMate supports devices from a variety of manufacturers and your payment supports our partners at OrderedBytes. ControllerMate v4.5 now features building blocks that generate and respond to MIDI messages.

Purchase a full version of ControllerMate from the .

If the full version of ControllerMate is installed after using ControllerMate for X–keys, all user programming will remain intact but will be limited in functionality unless a registration key is entered.

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