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Case Study for X-keys

"The X-keys Foot Pedal was an easy solution for us to implement..." - Alan Bartholomew

Universal Device Controller UDC 400
    The SoniClear digital recording system enables recording of government meetings, courts and depositions using any Windows computer. The SoniClear software incorporates the , using the SDK to control playback of recordings. With the X-keys foot pedal plugged into the computer, SoniClear responds to foot pedal actions to simulate a standard cassette transcription machine.
    Using the X-keys SDK the SoniClear programming team incorporated the foot pedal feature quickly and reliably with no need to develop low level HID controller code, or to deal with operating system version idiosyncrasies. P.I. Engineering handles all of the issues of manufacturing, quality control, inventory pipeline, and repairs, so SoniClear can focus on the providing the advanced digital recording software features that their customers require.
    “Our customers are used to using a foot pedal to transcribe meetings and depositions from cassette tape. When they convert to digital recording, they want to keep using a foot pedal for hands-free control. The X-keys Foot Pedal was an easy solution for us to implement and has been very reliable in the field with daily use by our customers.” — Alan Bartholomew, President,