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Staff Mug Shots

Our overpaid web consultant tells us pictures reveal a lot about a company, helping to instill a feeling of trust as the public learns more about the individuals it communicates with over the phone or via e-mail. With this in mind, we present these mug shots from our friendly staff (our unfriendly staff refused to share).

Michael's Black Mug Patti's Michigan State Mug Jack's Klein Bottle Marge's Cat Tea Mug
Michael Patti Jack Marge
Dan's Collingwood Magpies Championship Mug (thanks, Rod) Liam's Mug O'Sileneus Amber's Unknown Cola Can Phil's Reptile Mug
Dan Liam Amber Phil
Maggie's Colingwood Magpies Championship Mug (thanks, Rod) Rex's Work Mug Kathy's Mug Miranda's Monster Mug
Mags Rex Kathy Miranda
Matt's Mug Leslie's Mug Mark's Adventure Mug Gordie's Other "Other School" Mug
Matt Leslie Mark Gordie
Daniel's Water Jar Brian's Poser Cup Mark's Adventure Mug Mark's Minnesota Mug
Daniel Brian Marie Mark

We hope this experience familiarizing you with our libation containers has made you feel closer to our personnel. One of our ongoing goals at P. I. Engineering, The No Slogan Company, is to keep all employees and customers gruntled.