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Cats and Physics

  • Full Name: Felis Domesticus Chester Willard
  • Occupation: Rodentia Predation Consultant/Physicist
  • Best Known For: F. D. C. Willard is most known for co-authorship of the highly regarded "Two-, Three-, and Four-Atom Exchange Effects in bcc 3He" research paper on low temperature physics, published with Dr. J. H. Hetherington.
  • Riemann Surface of the Cubic Equation
  • If you have to ask what that is, well...
  • Properties of the Fourier Transform Operator
  • If you have to ask what that is, well...
  • My daughter in-law Karine (an artist) thought these looked interesting
  • An explanation of why the moving dielectric capacitance technique is useful
  • A curious (non)function that Jack was surprised with.